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 Navigating the Real Estate Market with CRES 
Your Trusted Team for All Your Real Estate Needs 

Who We Are

Do you have a Real Estate Development company?
Are you looking for a professional partner that can provide you with stress release for the entire operation of the departments?
Do you need us to handle, manage & shift your brand to the highest level of operations to gain customer satisfaction and secure your brand?

If your previous answers were YES, then you are in the right place
Now YOU can focus on the construction and the rest of matters are on us 

CRES is a company established in Dubai with more than 15 years of experience in the department's operation of real estate development, we created our own software to manage the entire cycles that cover each aspect of the business, and its dynamic to meet your needs. It's based on a cloud system so you can operate & analyze your entire company's performance from any place in the world from your laptop or over your mobile phone. 
Operating, Managing, Documentionts, procedures, Legality, analysis, finance .. ETC are our responsibility.

CRES refers to Crew Real Estate Solutions, We believe that the business success in Dubai is based on the Crew tune, so we included it as a part of our Logo. Once you approach us we will be a part of your organization and we will assist you in achieving the top operational services through a successful journey till we hand over the keys to the owners, Your client's happiness is our mission,

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​We provide Real Estate solutions based on our expertise, Our staff is trained and they worked with most of the large developers, banks, Surveyors, Agents, and Governmental areas in Dubai-UAE,
We generated knowledge and connections from the actual experience in the different sectors.

We handle all the related business activities in Dubai Land Department, RERA, Master and Sub Developers, Municipality, Trakhess, and DLD Oqood system in Dubai.
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