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Dubai land department

Dubai lands department


Lands department

land department

dxb land department

registration dubai land department

termination dubai land department

settlement dubai land department

دائرة الأراضي والأملاك

دائره الأراضي والأملاك

تسجيل عقار

الغاء عقار

Our company CRES is an expert and a leading company based in Dubai that provides complete service/solutions to Real Estate Developers. We offer a broad professional range of services that include creating and managing your internal and external departments through a total cloud software solution customised and built by us to connect, manage, and overview the performance of the departments from anywhere in the world from your laptop or mobile.


We have over 15 years of experience in the industry and are dedicated to providing the highest quality of service. Our team of experts in each aspect of department structuring and business running is available to handle and guide you through all stages of the process, from conception to completion. We are committed to working closely with our clients to provide the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for their real estate projects.

We Work in close partnership with the Dubai Land Department (DLD), ensuring all our clients receive the highest quality of service per the Dubai Real Estate Laws (RERA) guidelines.


We service Developers & Individuals for Commercial and Residential types in the Real Estate market in Dubai. We cover a vast area of departments establishing, managing, and running such as “Admins, Broker, collection, Customer service, call centre, marketing, sales, legal, finance, Government Relations (DLD – RERA)… ETC.


Our professional network of business relations covers many government and private stakeholders to stay relevant in an ever-evolving industry.  


Real estate development is about maximising the positive operational results of every department in an automated way that frees up the owner's time to manage the construction process. In this challenging market, we are the shortest and the best way to maximise the department's outcome, which will significantly impact the client's satisfaction with the purchase decision, allowing the developer brand name to stand out among the others faster and safer way.



The company's vision is to become a leading provider of operational services for the real estate and property development industries in the region in the most efficient way through our software and total department solutions.

Why choose us - How do we work?

  • Situation analysis of your Property/ Project with full detailed presentations

  • Daily updates to you on the action plan achievements

  • Our staff have more than 15y experience in the field

  • Provide sound and expert consultancy regarding your property or project operations

  • Extensive networking and understanding of systems & rules in the field

  • Our Passion for what we do drives us to provide the best results

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